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Undergraduate Brewing Program

The UC Davis Brewing option is an emphasis within the Food Science and Technology Undergraduate DegreeThe brewing program is recognized by the Master Brewers Association of the Americas (MBAA) as one of the few undergraduate programs in the USA specializing in a Brewing Science major.

Undergraduate Advising

Stephanie Myers, Food Science Undergraduate Advisor
The Advising Center is located next to the Student Lounge, at 1204 RMI South.

Brewing Courses

Restricted Electives for a Brewing Emphasis:

FST 102A - Malting and Brewing Science
Provides a thorough knowledge and understanding of the science and technology of brewing through the study of raw materials, brewing processes, and quality assurance methods of the industry.

FST 102B - Practical Malting and Brewing
Introduces students to the basic methodology used in malting and brewing laboratories for the analysis of raw materials and monitoring of process and product. Students brew pilot batches of beer to identify the impact of raw materials and process conditions on performance and quality.

FST 123 - An Introduction to Enzymology
Gives students an understanding of the physical, chemical, and kinetic properties of enzymes.

Additional Brewing Courses:

FST 3 - Introduction to Brewing and Beer
Introduces the student, in a responsible manner, to beer as a major international beverage and to brewing as a traditional yet highly controlled and innovative industrial process.

FST 199 - Advanced Study
Students who excel in FST 102B can conduct individual advanced research projects in malting and brewing.

Iron Brew CompetitionSudwerk logo

As part of FST 102B - Practical Malting and Brewing, students work in groups to develop their own recipes and then brew them in class. Each group picks one of their brews to enter into the Iron Brew Competition at the end of the quarter. Local brewers and industry members come to the UC Davis Anheuser Busch InBev Pilot Brewery to judge the Iron Brew beers and talk to the students about their recipes.
The winning team will have their recipe scaled up and sold by Sudwerk Brewing Company. The team will get to participate in recipe scaling, brewing process, marketing, and sales of their beer!

Lagunitas Brewing AwardLagunitas logo

Each year one student is awarded $1000 from Lagunitas Brewing
Company! This student must be majoring in Food Science & Technology and following theBrewing Science track and must demonstrate interest in becoming a brewer.